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We the provider of best Entrance Automation solutions has come up with a superior quality Boom Barriers also known as automatic boom barrier or RFID boom barrier for entrance automation to secure the primary layer of premises. These boom barriers are Bi-Directional with Single and Dual Channel entrance and exit with RFID tag reading features to grant access to authorized personnel only. These are highly recommendable for entering and exiting in industrial units, offices, corporate houses, residential societies, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, warehouses, hotels, etc. These Automatic Boom Barriers are with Electro-Mechanical Motor and opening time of 6 sec.


* Manual Release.

* Machine core with compression spring effectively avoids the accidents caused by spring breaking.

* Adjustable Left and Right side installations.

* Motor cooling fan, solving the problem of heat-protection.

* Double safety limit switches (photoelectricity limit switch/motor memory sensor)

* AutoClose function.

* Can control by three-position switch or by the remote control unit, operate “UP”, ‘Down’ and ‘Stop’.

* Support the infrared photocell for anti-bumping function (optional)

* Die-casting aluminum alloy motor, precision and good at thermal radiating

* Wire control (switch signal)\ Remote control (418 Mhz)