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Swing gates by Igen Solutions are fabricated to provide safety, suitability and defense against unauthorized invasion. Artistically fabricated these gates are made with square pipes encased in a pipe frame tailored to suit the client's necessities and are finished with spray painting.


* Wide choice of models for gate span from 3 m to 10 m in length and 10ft in height

* Made of Mild Steel Iron. Weight Not more than 500 Kgs

* Models available with recurrent, heavy and severe duty rating

* Highly maintenance free and noiseless operation



These types of gates use a ground mounted track for the gate wheels to move on. It requires a track in the ground for the full length of the gate in open and close positions. These gates do not encroach into the driveway or yard since they slide on the side of the opening and are also ideal in case of rising driveways.


* Length 8mtrs/ 6mtrs opening, HEIGHT 4 FT*MOTOR SPEED 15MTS/MIN

* AC motor drive of 220 VOLTS AND 50 HZ FREQUENCY

* Power consumption 370 WATTS

* Rail Line of20MM DIA WITH 50X100X50 MM BASE

* Frame of the gate will be made of MS hollow pipes of 100X50 mm with colour coating as per the user requirement as shown in the picture