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IGEN UVIS is a highly under vehicle inspection system providing security professionals with the highest performance under vehicle imaging solution for this essential aspect of vehicle search operations. The image capture subsystem which sits in the roadway, complete with 4 underside capture cameras and 1 front view camera NPR (Number Plate Reader).


*The whole full colour under vehicle image is displayed with alarm trigger after the rear edge of the vehicle has passed over the WSU

* NPR Assit which gives user the front camera image to provide the operator with the assistance to read/ recognize the license plate

* Vehicle speed upto 80km/hr

* Cameras have IR facility of 50 mtrs capable of WDR, HLC and BLC for getting dear pictures

* System has Intel core i7 processor, 8 GB Ram and 1 TB HDD for storage Storage of images in the storage media and FTP server if available

* Suitable for all road vehide type and supports all working modes

* Working temperature -40c to + 55c, humidity 90%

* Protection class IP 67